Cd-voorstelling Pastiche


May 7, 2016 - ZULTE

Hedera helix presents the second album 'Pastiche' with a concert. The electro combo exists for over 14 years now and this cd with 13 tracks took 13 years to complete. Not that important according to Hedera helix itself, as it is only in a live situation that the project truly comes alive.

Tip: the disc will cost only 8 euro instead of 12 for this occasion!

CD release Hedera helix
May 7th 2016, 20:00
Zaal Knipperlicht, Gaston Martensplein 5, Zulte
Through reservation: 5 €, doors: 8 €

support act: Alexandre
afterparty: Nighthawk, Radio Infierno, Dardo
organisatie: ZAP Zulte

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Coalescaremonium 2016


2 april 2016 - BRUSSELS

HH plays from 17 till 18 h.


Einde van de zomer


21 December 2014 - GENT


Einde van de zome


30 August 2014 - BERLARE

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HH plays WOORD

Het Woord is the annual start of the season in the cultural center of Berlare annually. This 12th edition will be a good cocktail of comedy and music. Moreover, the decor will put you in a real salon atmosphere, where you can enjoy a drink and a snack.

Leiden cabaret winner Jeroen Leenders, Mungu Cornelis, Frederick Camargue, the first horse in comedy and musical talent of guitar trio Venus and intellectro combo Hedera helix.
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More than eight years ago the brand new electro combo Hedera helix played as a headliner on Rock Zulte. On Friday December 23rd, 2013 they will be headlining Kniprock in Zulte.

Bands: Birds of Echo (altrock), Five Across (hardcore punk), MentalGenocide (trash metal). DJ's: D-Tailz (drum&bass), Dub Pets (dub/alt), Odla (minimal/techno dj).


HH starts the recording of the album 'Pastiche'. The first guitar lines feature on the song 'Reflexum' for the Dead by Dawn-compilation CD.



July 2009: HH played the comeback performance at the Gothic Festival in Waregem, where the project ... impressed. Some reactions:

  • ... The problem was that I didn't understand a word ...
  • ... intrigant, ambigu (jeu avec un miroir), étrange (des danseurs jouent les automates), varié (le jeu de scène de Maestro Virgule) et intellectuel (lecture) ...

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July 2009

HH plays a comeback tryout in Laarne with a new visual crew and now also with guitar. Gos joins the band.

April 2007

HH gives the farewell appearance in the original line-up. Lady Zoe and Schmurtevusk leave the project.

June 2004

HH plays as headliner on Rock Zulte before an enthusiastic crowd.

April 2004

HH plays as a support for Das Ich. Bruno Kramm is surprised at the stage setup of HH.

December 2003

HH plays two tryouts and then the debut on the BIM festival in Hof ter Loo in Antwerp, with the presentation of the album "Dolce".

AND ...


Maestro Virgule joins Dr. Kandinsky, the ultimate establishment of Hedera helix. Lady Zoe and Schmurtevusk follow and are working on a visual concept.

Juni 2002

The unknown Hedera helix appears with the song 'congesta "on the compilation CD Dark Demons.